Harborview's Mission

​​​​​​Harborview Medical Center is owned by King County, governed by the Harborview Board of Trustees, and managed under contract by the University of Washington.

Surgery at HMCHarborview Medical Center is a comprehensive health-care facility dedicated to the control of illness and the promotion and restoration of health. Its primary mission is to provide and teach exemplary patient care and to provide health care for those patients King County is obligated to serve.

The following groups of patients and programs will be given priority for care within the resources available as determined by the Board of Trustees: 
  • Persons incarcerated in the King County Jail 
  • Mentally ill patients, particularly those treated involuntarily 
  • Persons with sexually transmitted diseases 
  • Substance abusers 
  • Indigents without third-party coverage 
  • Non-English speaking poor 
  • Trauma 
  • Burn treatment 
  • Specialized emergency care 
  • Victims of domestic violence 
  • Victims of sexual assault
While maintaining this priority commitment to patients and programs in the above categories, Harborview also serves a broad spectrum of patients to maintain a balanced clinical program and fiscal viability.

Harborview's patient care mission is accomplished by assuming and maintaining a strong leadership position in the Pacific Northwest and the local community. This leadership role is nurtured through the delivery of health services of the highest quality to all of its patients and through effective use of its resources.

Harborview plans and cooperates with other hospitals, public health providers, and the University of Washington to provide programs and services and avoid unnecessary duplication.

Harborview fulfills its educational mission through commitment to the support of undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and continuing education programs of the health professions of the University of Washington and other educational institutions, as well as programs relating to patient education.

Harborview recognizes that the delivery of the highest quality of health care is enhanced by a strong commitment to teaching, community service and research.