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​​​​​​​Spokane E15 Class

Spokane E15 Class

WWAMI First Year Sites

Students from Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming take their initial year at state universities in their home states: University of Alaska (Anchorage), Montana State University, University of Idaho and University of Wyoming. ​Twenty Washington students are on campus at Washington State University in Pullman, joining classes with students based at the University of Idaho. Half day preceptorships in the offices of local practitioners introduce students to clinical medicine.
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Clinical Medical Education Offices

The University of Washington School of Medicine maintains a Dean's Office in each of the WWAMI states and Eastern Washington which oversees clinical medical education for the School of Medicine within those regions as well as provides support services for the local clerkships and students rotating among them.

Community Outreach Opportunities

Many opportunities for community engagement exist throughout the WWAMI region - both health and non-health related. For more information about the service learning and community service projects and programs happening throughout the region, please contact Lauren Henricksen, Service Learning Manager or visit the Service Learning Resource Center.

WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)

WRITE is a six month rural medicine experience emphasizing continuity of care, integration of medical disciplines, and rural setting activities offered to third year medical students. Visit the School of Medicine Online Curriculum site for more information including ​ a description of WRITE program.

Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program (R/UOP)

Between their first and second years, R/UOP offers students preceptorships with practicing physicians in small towns across the WWAMI states and among the urban medically underserved. Visit the R/UOP website in the Department of Family Medicine.

Medical Student Research Training Program (MSRTP)

This program provides funded opportunities for students to participate in a full-time, 10-week research project under the supervision of a University of Washington faculty member. Projects include basic science and clinical research as well as health services utilization studies. Students may do their research with faculty members located at the University of Washington as well as at the WWAMI sites. The MSRTP web page has more information.