International Visiting Medical Students

Policies, Application Overview and General Requirements

This policy is for all medical students, including American and Canadian citizens, who attend medical schools outside of the United States and Canada, and whose schools are not accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

Legal restrictions of the University of Washington School of Medicine limit the number of international students who may enroll as visiting students.

For this reason, and others related to immigration law and malpractice insurance, the Office of Academic Affairs closely monitors the policies and procedures set forth below.

At this time, it is the policy of the School of Medicine not to accept international medical students for visiting elective clinical course work, except at the special request of a UW School of Medicine faculty member who wishes to sponsor the international student and arrange the clinical rotations for the student. Without an approved sponsor, international medical students may not apply for elective clinical course work. Typically such sponsorship by faculty is based on a pre-existing relationship with the student.

  • International visiting students are limited to a total of twelve consecutive weeks of clinical course work. Due to limited capacity in the clinical curriculum, the School of Medicine cannot guarantee enrollment in requested electives.
  • International visiting students must be in good academic standing at their schools and must be in the final year of their medical school training.
  • Students from international medical schools who are not United States citizens must obtain student visas as part of the University of Washington’s admissions procedure. According to immigration law, neither tourist nor visitor visas are acceptable. Due to delays in obtaining visas, visiting international students must apply at least six months in advance of the desired clinical elective start date.
  • International visiting students must register as a student at the University of Washington and must pay tuition during each academic quarter in which they are enrolled. Each week of a full-time clinical elective is equivalent to two credits. Please refer to the Student Fiscal Services website for current tuition information. Select 'Seattle Campus' and then select the pdf in the tuition category labeled Graduate Post-Baccalaureate/Non-Matriculated. Select the appropriate quarter and the WA State residency status that is applicable (non-resident or resident).
  • Visiting international students must provide proof of professional liability insurance in the amount of $1 million "per occurrence". If the home school does not provide coverage, students will need to purchase a policy which covers them for the duration of their clerkship at UW. Review this checklist to see what kind of coverage is needed.
  • Visiting international students must also provide proof of personal health insurance coverage, immunizations, and universal precautions training.
  • International students for whom English is not their primary language must also show proof of English language proficiency. English language proficiency may be demonstrated by passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination. The minimum score requirement for the internet based TOEFL is 76.

Application Overview and General Requirements

Note: The University of Washington School of Medicine has special affiliation agreements with a small number of international medical schools—if your school has such an agreement with the University of Washington School of Medicine, special rules, other than those shown above, may apply—contact the Academic Affairs office if your school has a special affiliation agreement with UWSOM.