Curriculum Renewal and Development



​​​History of Curriculum Renewal

The curriculum renewal process, which began in 2010, was prompted by changes in technology, medical education, and the healthcare landscape. The curriculum pre-review process, led by Drs. Suzanne Allen and Michael Ryan, was a period of careful self-study and national accreditation review and analysis, in which a large committee of faculty, staff and students examined the existing curriculum to assess its strengths, gaps and redundancies. The committee's report, released in September 2011, was followed by a visioning stage in early 2012. In this stage, the visioning committee worked to develop the guiding principles of the curriculum renewal. With these principles in place, the first part of the development stage began in 2012 - 2013, and involved 14 committees, which represented the various phases and themes of the new curriculum. These committees worked to develop approaches for a modified curriculum, with recommendations specific to each committee's charge. Additional committees addressed the governance structure and assessment in the new curriculum. After the committees' recommendations were presented at the UW Medicine senior leadership retreat in spring 2013, the second stage of development began, with committees working to flesh out the design and structure of the new curriculum. These committees made their recommendations to the medical school executive committee (MSEC) and at the UW Medicine senior leadership retreat in spring 2014. Now that the structure of the curriculum has been established, work has begun to build content for the blocks, threads and themes. The new curriculum is slated to roll out in summer 2015.

Current Stage of Curriculum Renewal

Implementation Stage - Content Development

Committees are starting work to develop the content for the blocks, threads and themes in the foundations phase, while an evaluation committee is designing assessment approaches for the new curriculum.

Work is underway to constitute the new governance committee, which will provide oversight ​and​ guidance to the other curriculum renewal committees.

Current Events and Announcements

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