Medical Student Wellness

UWSOM Wellness Council Mission statement:

The UWSOM Wellness Council is a student-directed group that offers information, supports initiatives, promotes events, and creates opportunities around activities that foster balance in students’ lives and enrich their mental, physical, and social well-being.

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Opportunities for Wellness

Click here to print a coupon for a $25/1 hour massage at Cortiva Massage Institute

Click here to see the UWSOM Recipe Book

University of Washington

Hall Health Wellness Podcasts: Guided meditation and guided breathing practice
IMA Intramural Programs
IMA Classes (Swimming, Cardio, Dance, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Strength Conditioning, etc.)
IMA Club Sports Offerings
IMA Crags Climbing Center ($7.50 for day pass and shoes)
Waterfront Activities Center boat rentals ($5/hour)
Pronto! Bike Share program on campus
Campus coffee locations - map and reviews
Register your bike with UW Police Department
HUB Games – HUB (Husky Union Building) Games includes a bowling alley, Ping-Pong tables, video gaming, arcade games, and board games.

Downtown Seattle

Seattle​ Downtown REI Classes (Bike maintenance, winter camping, avalanche awareness, wilderness first aid, etc.)
List of FREE DAYS at Seattle-area museums

Free Sunday rides on Lake Union
- Center for Wooden Boats

Seattle Free Walking Tours - Offered daily, year-round, pay what you feel


Check out a Museum Program - Free Museum Pass through SPL
Seattle Parks and Recreation events calendar
Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets
Seattle Times - Top 10 hikes
Biking in Seattle
Good and Cheap - online cookbook
Seattle's top-rated parks

"Eat up, Seattle...Best New Cheap Eats for 2015" Seattle Times

Poem in Your Pocket - 35 short poems for you to keep on hand when you need a break!

Yoga, Mindfulness, & Meditation

Meditation.jpg meditation-rocks.jpegyogamale.jpg

 MP3 - Guided Meditation: Click on this link to hear the 10 Minute Wisdom Meditation guided by Steven Hickman. ​This practice assists the practitioner to cultivate and access his or her inner wisdom for healing, kindness and compassion.

Do Yoga With Me - This website offers a free, constantly expanding resource of online yoga videos created by a passionate group of experienced instructors. Videos includ classes, poses, and breathing techniques. Hundreds of videos - free.

How Meditation May Change the Brain (New York Times, 2011) - "The researchers report that those who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in gray-matter density in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress...It's all about bringing the mind back to the here and now, as opposed to letting the mind drift..." Full research article.

Mindfulness in Medical School

Written by Brenda Cannon, NCC, LPC, WWAMI-WY Counselor

What Is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is becoming an observer…a noticer and practicing non-judgmental awareness of the present moment…here and now living.


Being authentic…living from the heart vs. from unhealthy coping skills and ego

Being open…embracing all moments in life for learning, seeking truth and acceptance
Being graceful…accepting imperfections, practicing unconditional kindness, compassion and forgiveness
Being Intentional…being responsive and proactive without reacting or being on auto-pilot
Let go of expectations...Forgive the past
Focus on your breathing…here and now...Engage ALL of your senses
Observe/notice the present moment...Release judgment...Practice gratitude
Reflect BEFORE responding/reacting

Why?  Reduces anxiety, stress, depression, Improves sleep. Fights chronic pain, Lowers blood pressure, Cultivates empathy, Builds gratitude, Develops humility, Assists in letting go of unhealthy coping skills, Heals hurts and trauma

Benefits to You in Medical School

Helps you stay present while learning…in the classroom and while working with patients
Reduces tendency to unproductively, future-think and buy into pressure to "know it all"
Gives you new ways of being while studying, test-taking
Gives you a bigger bang for your buck (studying, time, etc.)
Helps you form healthy relationships
Helps your boundaries of time, space, heart…balance
Reduces and prevents role strain
Assists in ethical decision making in education and practice