USMLE Application and Registration

Step 1

Information about registration is sent to you via email from the UWSOM Registrar’s Office Arrangements for registering and securing the test date and location for taking Step 1 are done online – and are your responsibility. If you have any questions about the application and registration process, please contact the Student Affairs Office or the Registrar’s Office.  

If you wish to request any special accommodations during the test administration, you must provide additional information required by the NBME Office that includes specific, current documentation related to the requested accommodation. If you have any questions about this, please refer to USMLE information bulletin or contact Dr. Anne Eacker. All accommodations must be approved by the NBME Office prior to the testing date. It is very important that you start this process very early as it can take a long time for accommodations to be approved. You need to be working with your academic support staff and Dr. Eacker to make sure that all policies and procedures are in place.

The entire process of registering for your Step 1 examination will take approximately 4-6 weeks.  Once you’ve completed registration on the NBME website, the Registrar’s office will verify your status; after verification, you will be able to schedule your exact test date and site through Prometric.  You must take Step 1 before starting the clinical curriculum; for most students, this will mean that you must schedule the examination after you’ve finished your MS2 courses and prior to July 5.

The USMLE certification registration, application, and instructions for completing them are available online at

Instructions for Registration:

  1. Read the USMLE Bulletin of Information:
  2. The USMLE certification, application, and instructions for completing them are available online at   Look under “Students & Residents” and then select “Login to NBME Licensing Examination Services”.
  3. Log in using your USMLE ID and password or select "First-time User?" to create an ID and password.  You’ll need this for all future NBME examinations, so please remember/record your login information.
  4. Read and follow the instructions on the NBME website thoroughly.
  5. Payment for Step 1 must be made directly to the NBME during registration by using a credit card.  
  6. Print out and complete (except for signature) the “Certification of Identification and Authorization Form”. Please remember to attach a photo.  This form will be turned in once and it is valid for five years unless you change your name. Do not sign this form until you bring it to our office so that an authorized staff member can verify your in-person signature (details are below).  We will retain your form and mail it to the NBME office.

    Office Hours for NBME Form Signing:  **Bring ID w/ signature**
    Seattle:       Maggie Tarnawa, A-300 HSB       Monday – Friday           8:30am-4pm
    Spokane:   Lynn Howard, PBS 130B                Monday—Friaday         8:30am-4pm        

  7. After the NBME processes your application, the UWSOM Registrar’s office will certify your information online. Once that has been completed, your     scheduling permit will be sent to you from the NBME. This confirms the three-month window in which you will schedule your exam date.
  8. To schedule your examination test location and date, visit the Prometric website ( Please be sure you meet the specified deadline for registration for the examination.


  • The official month for graduation is June.  Please fill out the portion of your test application that requests “Date Medical Degree Expected/Conferred” accordingly, unless you’ve been approved to graduate in another quarter.
  • Attach a recent 2” X 2” passport-type photo by taping (sides and top of photo) or gluing it to the form (no staples please).  Photos must be full-faced, current, and at least 2” by 2”.  Photos that do not meet these standards may be returned by the NBME.
  • Please make sure you mark the “I authorize the NBME to accept my NBME on-line services password”, etc. on the bottom half of the form to accept.  If you do not accept, you must complete the application form each time you apply for an exam.
  • On examination day, you must present your scheduling permit and an unexpired, government-issued form of identification that includes both your photo and signature to the examination site, (for example, a driver’s license or passport) and your name must be an exact match with the name you registered.
  • If you require test accommodations, please see the NBME website for more detailed information.  
  • Once your score has been reported to the NBME, please retain the original USMLE Score Report.  The UWSOM cannot officially report these scores on your behalf and you will need them for residency applications.  If you do not save your score report, you will need to order a new one and will be assessed a fee by the NBME.

Step 2: Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills

To apply for the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) and Clinical Skills (CS) examinations, you must go to the NBME web site at and click on the “Services for Medical Students and Graduates” link at left, then on the “NBME Licensing Examination Services (NLES). Prometric, Inc. will give the Step 2 (CK) exams via computer at their sites and you must make an appointment with Prometric once you have received your confirmation from the NBME after registering.

Instructions for Registration:

  1. Review the NBME website, particularly following sections: USMLE Bulletin of Information, Fee Schedule, Content Information for CK & CSPractice Materials, and Rescheduling Fee Information
  2. Visit to complete the application online.  
  3. If it’s been more than five years or you’ve changed your name since you took Step 1, you will also need to fill out the “Certification of Identification” form again; this is available to print when you log in to NBME application and you will need to bring it to A-300 in person to complete.
  4. Although the Hooding Ceremony is earlier, the official month for graduation is June.  Please fill out the portion of your test application that requests “Date Medical Degree Expected/Conferred” accordingly, unless you have been approved to graduate in a quarter other than spring.
  5. After the NBME receives your online applications, our office will verify your enrollment. The NBME will then process your application and send you a scheduling permit, which you’ll use to sign up for your test date with Prometric.  It takes them a few days to process your application and send the permit, so don’t worry if this isn’t processed immediately.  If you’re concerned about how long it is taking, please contact Maggie Tarnawa (
  6. On your exam date, you must present your scheduling permit and an unexpired, government-issued form of identification that includes both your photo and signature (driver’s license, passport, etc.) to the examination site; your name must be an exact match with the name used during the exam registration.


  • You must take the Step 2CK and Step 2CS exams before September 30th of their fourth year. Other than that requirement, the ideal time to take the exams is somewhat individualized based on your plans for residency and academic record; if you would like advice, please reach out to Dr. Jamey Cheek .  It is recommended that you take Step 2CK before August 15 in order to increase the likelihood that your scores will be available to programs in ERAS when applications are released on September 15.   You should plan to register for your exam dates by February 28th.
  • Delaying your exam date past September 30th is not advisable for a variety of reasons and may jeopardize your ability to be certified in the Match, but approval may be granted if you have extenuating circumstances.  In the event that you need to delay your exam dates, you are required to obtain approval from Dr. Anne Eacker, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  Meetings should be scheduled through Paula Skarr as early as possible (i.e. May through early July). 
  • Please do not procrastinate registering for your exam dates; this does not constitute an extenuating circumstance.