E14 Compliance Checklist

​​​​University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM) compliance requirements must be completed by Friday, July 11, 2014*.

*If extenuating circumstances apply and you are unable to complete all requirements by July 11, please contact somcompl@uw.edu

: In preparation for entering the first year curriculum, there are a number of administrative tasks you'll need to take care of. These are listed below. Follow the links for detailed instructions.

You will need to email copies of your immunizations documentations to two places:

  1. Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) for compliance tracking: myshots@uw.edu.
  2. Your regional site.
  3. Please note: DO NOT send immunizations documentation to somcompl.​




Link to: Establish a UW Net ID and Email accountJune 13
Link to: UW Self Disclosure, Consent and Release of Information Form (PDF)
This item can be completed prior to receiving your NetID or student ID number
July 11
Link to: UW Data Stewardship Training and Privacy, Confidentiality, and Information Security Agreement form
This item can be completed prior to receiving your NetID or student ID number
July 11
Link to: Universal Precautions Training 
A UW NetID is required in order to log in for this online training.
 July 11
Link to: Complete your criminal background check 
This item can be completed prior to receiving your NetID or student ID number
July 11
 Link to: Complete HIPAA Training
Login information will be sent to you automatically for this online training. ​
July 11
 Link to: Complete BLS (CPR) Healthcare Provider Training
**BLS Certification MUST be valid through May 2016**

Some WWAMI sites offer BLS training as part of Orientation. Please check directly with your WWAMI site. If BLS training is provided by your WWAMI site, the deadline will be the date of the scheduled training. Seattle students will complete BLS training on the first day of Orientation.

Immunizations Form

Immunizations compliance for medical students is managed by the Health Sciences Immunizations Program (HSIP). For information about immunizations requirements for Health Sciences students, please visit the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) website.​​​

A 2-step PPD is required. This means two PPDs (tuberculin skin tests) must be placed within 1-3 weeks of each other. At a minimum it takes 10 days to receive the results of the 2 step PPD.

Please note, you will also receive a PPD skin test at the time of orientation as defined by your program and school. This will place all students due for their annual PPD at the same time each year.

**Note: If you are currently an undergraduate with insurance make sure to complete any immunizations or titers prior to leaving your current program. Or purchase gap insurance to cover you over the summer. UW student insurance will not be effective until the last week of September.** ​

Immunizations compliance is determined by HSIP, not by the SOM. HSIP will send us weekly reports on student compliance status. The SOM Compliance office does not process or interpret student health records and we cannot advise students about the requirements. For questions about immunizations, contact HSIP directly via email at myshots@uw.edu​ or by phone 206-616-9074.

Proof of ALL Required Immunizations MUST be completed by July 11

Note: start the 2 step PPD-as soon as possible but no later than ​1 month prior to July 11.