Letters of Recommendation FAQs

​​​I am a re-applicant. I have saved letters using the interfolio service. Can I/should I reuse the same recommendation letters from before or should I try to ask people to rewrite their letters or get all new letters? Would it be beneficial to try to get different people to write letters this time?

You should try to get some or most letters updated. You can ask the writers to change the date or let them know what else you have been doing in case they want to include updates. Most folks who write letters of recommendation for you are interested in you. Different letters may be beneficial if you think all your previous writers wrote about the same thing, e.g. academics. Check out the power point for different areas to emphasize.

Is it OK to have recommendations from employers?

Yes, they can speak to your work ethic, solving problems, and working on a team. We have great letters from people who are working in restaurants.

How many letters will be accepted?

Three are required and we will accept up to six.

If you are going to take a year off, should you get your letters before you leave?

Yes. Some universities and colleges will have letters of recommendation services that will keep your letters until you are ready to apply. If your university does not have this service available, Interfolio is a commercial service that will also hold your letters. You would want to get your letter while you are still fresh in the mind of the letter writer. When you apply, letters need to be filed with AMCAS. UWSOM will only be accepting letters of recommendation forwarded from AMCAS Letters Service. Please see their web site for instructions on submitting letters of recommendation.