Re-application FAQs

​What is considered a previous application?

The application has to have been complete, i.e. including the secondary, letters of recommendation, MCAT scores etc. The primary application alone does not count towards our policy of considering only 3 applications.

If you are re-applying, how much do you have to redo your original application?

If you feel like your experience boxes were reflective, then there is no reason for you to rewrite those. If you look back at your experiences a year later and realize that you got something different out of them then you did last year, you should rewrite them. You should always rewrite your personal statement because it looks lazy if you do not. Screeners have access to your previous applications and they know what you wrote the last time. Letters of recommendation from the previous year are fine. However, if you have done something new, then you might want someone to speak to that. There might be someone that you have worked with in the last year who can speak to something different from your other letter writers. We realize that you don't always know what your letter writers say about you. Nevertheless, hopefully you have met someone who knows you in a different way. Add one or two new letters.

Do 2nd time re-applicants typically have a higher acceptance rate than 1st time applicants?

No. It is almost exactly the same - 1 in 5 chance.

I wanted to inquire if there was access to academic counselors (pre-med advisors) that can assist in strengthening a second attempt at application by looking at an individual's specifics in their first attempt.

Yes, contact the Admissions Office: