The Interview FAQs

How much do you weigh the interview in the admissions process? Do you go back and look at the application and interview responses together in making the final decisions?

Absolutely. The interview is important because it determines the sequence that we talk about the applicant. However, the committee will review and consider all aspects in your file.

During the interview should I expect questions tailored just for my experience or are all people asked essentially the same thing?

We try to base our questions on information in your application.

Would it be appropriate to contact the EXCOM member after the interviews to meet again?

Please do not contact the EXCOM member to meet again. It is not fair to the other applicants who are not able to meet with them.

What percentage of applicants gets interviewed? What percentage of people that gets interviews is accepted?

Within the WWAMI region, we generally interview about 600 applicants from an applicant pool of approximately 1100 per year= 55%. From an out of region pool of approximately 3500 applicants, we generally interview around 65=~2%.
Of the total 660-670 applicants interviewed, offers of admission are made to 216 applicants plus typically about 35 alternates to fill the class of 216 (216/665=32%).
A general way to remember this is that half of all applicants from the WWAMI region will be interviewed and a third of those interviewed will be accepted. We don't set these percentages in advance, but they have remained relatively consistent over the last few years.

Is there an interview feedback process? How do we know we did well and what we need to improve?

If rejected, you can request a feedback appointment by contacting the Office of Admissions:

What if I am really nervous and anxious?

You will need to work on that before the interview.

Does the UW have anyone available for practice interviews? Or just questions (practice answering tough ones, etc.)?

Many advising centers at colleges and universities provide mock interview services to help students become more comfortable with the interview process

How long after the interview do you have to wait to know whether you got in or not? Is there a last day/absolute decision for decisions?

Decisions may come just a few days after your interview, a month later or at the end of the interview season in March. It depends in part on when your EXCOM committee member is in attendance and able to present you at the EXCOM meetings. It also depends on how you measure up against others who have interviewed at that point in time. If others seem stronger but your application is good, the discussion on your application may be held until the applicants under discussion are more comparable to you. The latest would be about the 3rd week of March.

How often are interviews offered to applicants?

About 60% of the applicants who complete a secondary application are invited to interview.

If they ask at the end "do you have any questions?" or "did we forget to ask you any questions?" is it bad to say No? Should we always ask or bring up further things?

You don't have to have questions. Especially if you are interviewed at the end of the day and have met with students and toured the facilities, you probably already have a really good idea of what the school is about.

Can you tell us more about the different pools of applicants after the interview? Example, competitive pool, definite yes/no, alternate list.

There are 3 categories of response – accepted, rejected, and competitive pool/still under consideration, which is a good thing. It means you have not been rejected. We want to see what the rest of the applicant pool is like. The alternate list is determined at the end of the interview season and consists of people who will be accepted if others withdraw from the initial class list.

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