University of Washington Network of Underrepresented Residents and Fellows (UW-NURF)

UW-NURF is a resident and fellow run organization founded in the Fall of 2010. The organization is a diverse body of residents, fellows and faculty representing all specialties. UW-NURF is sponsored by the Office of Graduate Me​dical Education and the Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CEDI). Our aim is to promote cultural diversity in medicine through community involvement, mentorship, professional networking, and recruitment of Underrepresented Minorities (URM*) in Medicine. 


We believe the strength of an academic program relies not only on its reputation, abundant resources, esteemed faculty, and dedicated trainees, but also its ability to represent a diverse group of individuals with a passion for healing, service, and teaching that comprise its framework. Developing and maintaining a strong, vibrant cultural core for the University of Washington Medicine Affiliated Programs is our primary goal. Thus, graduate medical education outreach and recruitment to minorities in medicine constitutes a major tenet of UW-NURF. While our main mode of recruitment focuses on the Student National Medical Association AMEC Conferences held each year during the Spring, we are happy to reach out to interested applicants and faculty of any degree or stature along their medical training journey. We provide support, provide housing, and advocate for diversity elective rotations in the fourth year of medical school to foster interest in pursuing UW as a choice institution of training.

  • Recruitment at National Pre -Medical Conferences
  • Hosting Residency Applicants
  • Diversity Second Look Panel and Dinner


University of Washington Medicine provides one of the most unique training experiences in the US. We boast a medical community that values mentorship, apprenticeship, and communal growth mainly in part to our dedicated peers, attendings, faculty, and faculty advisers. Thus, we believe that guidance during our most pivotal years of training is integral to success not only in our respective programs, but also to our community as a whole. NURF allows for residents and fellows to establish invaluable partnerships between colleagues, upper levels and faculty, fostering an atmosphere of interdisciplinary insight and growth. Post GME enrichment seminars and advisers are available to offer advice and guidance towards individual career road maps and goals. Mentorship within NURF has contributed to research partnerships, networking opportunities, quality improvement projects and growth for the minority community here at UW.

  • Involvement in High School Pipeline Programs
  • Medical Student Mock Interviews and Residency Application Workshops
  • Shadowing Opportunities for Pre -Medical and Medical Students
  • Social Gatherings – Quarterly Mixers
  • Diversity Lecture Series
  • Research in Health Disparities
  • An Academic Mini-Arm to the Group

Community Outreach/Service

NURF values its commitment to serving underrepresented individuals in medicine as well as the community at large. Our community service projects are manifold including staffing and providing care at neighborhood clinics, Greater Puget Sound area health service events, high school enrichment events, and many others in conjunction with the UW Chapter of the Student National Medical Association. We hope to inspire not only a culture of health care and health awareness in underserved communities but also garner interest in medicine as a tangible career course for young men and women in minority communities.

  • Participation and Attendance at Community Health Fairs and Exhibits
  • Sponsorship of Community Health Forums
  • Partnership with Community Groups and Advocates


UW-NURF boasts a multidisciplinary and multicultural community representing physicians from all medical specialties. University of Washington Medicine is manifest to a large medical community of both institutional and private sector medical centers. To our advantage we are able to draw support, open communication, and networking opportunities with minority health care providers from all over the Seattle/Greater Puget Sound region. We currently co-host and facilitate social events and mixers with physicians from area medical centers such as Virginia-Mason, Swedish Medical Centers, and more.

  • Partnership with Committee on Minority Faculty Affairs
  • Diversity Lecture Series
  • Welcome Reception for New Residents and Fellows