Parking and Transportation Options

​​​​​​​UW residents and fellows have many options for commuting to and parking at University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC), Harborview Medical Center (HMC) and other training sites. It is our goal to provide easy access to parking for all residents and fellows, regardless of their primary work location.

Following is general information about parking at the various training sites, how to apply for a parking pass, shuttle services, and parking FAQs. Residents and fellows who wish to park at both UWMC and HMC will need to purchase separate parking passes for each site.  Residents and fellows who are required to travel to a second training site in the same day in order to attend conferences, education and administrative meetings, or clinic will be provided with pre-paid parking at the second site or will be reimbursed by their program within two months of submitting a receipt for parking at the second site. Parking will be provided for residents and fellows returning to the hospital while on home-call at no charge within specified hours at UWMC and HMC.  

Parking at UW Training Sites

University of Washington Medical Center

Parking is available in several garages and lots adjacent to UWMC and on the UW campus.

Harborview Medical Center

Parking is available at a number of parking garages adjacent to HMC.   

Seattle Children's Hospital

Parking is available for free at Seattle Children’s Hospital. On your first day, please park in Ocean 6 Visitor Parking. Once you have received your ID badge you are required to park in Lot 4B. Lot 4B is accessed through the gate at the far end of Lot 4 - Service Vehicle Parking. If Lot 4B is full you may park in the gated portion of Ocean 6. If you are unable to find a parking spot in Lot 4B (primary) or Ocean 6 (if Lot 4B is full), you may park in the north end of Lot 4 - Service Vehicle Parking or Ocean 6 Visitor Parking. Do not park in Lot 1, River Parking, Ocean 7, or Ocean 8 as these lots are reserved for patients and their families.

VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Parking is available for free at the VA.

Shuttle Services

UW and the affiliated institutions offer several shuttle services that provide quick service, convenient pick-up/drop-off locations, and are free! Following is a list of available shuttles with links to shuttle schedule information:

UW Shuttles

  • Health Sciences Express Shuttle: Travels between UWMC, UWMC-Roosevelt and HMC
  • South Lake Union Shuttle: Travels from UWMC and HMC to the UW Medicine South Lake Union campus
  • Night Ride Shuttle: Offers after dark campus to home shuttle service for those living within a mile of campus

Hutchinson Center Shuttles

  • UWMC - FHCRC Campus
  • SCCA - UWMC - Seattle Children's Hospital
  • SCCA - Pete Gross House

Shuttle vans are available to transport staff from the Coleman Ferry Dock in Downtown Seattle and the Train Station to HMC Monday through Friday 5:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. There is no cost for this service. Schedules are available on the HMC intranet or by calling 206.744.3254.

There is now a Metro Bus, route number 211, that also stops at HMC. It picks up near the train station and is coordinated with train arrivals.

Parking FAQ’s

1.  Why do I have to pay for parking and what are the fees used for? UW Commuter Services is self-sustaining, and relies on parking fees to maintain and develop parking facilities and services, and to support the U-PASS program. Parking fees are paid by every faculty, staff and student. Fees, fines, and transportation policies are reviewed annually by the University Transportation Committee (UTC) - comprised of representatives from the student body, faculty, and staff - and are reviewed and approved by the UW Board of Regents.  Fees typically increase every year on July 1st, and factors affecting the increases include King County Metro fare increases, city sales tax, city parking taxes, and infrastructure costs.  Approximately one half of all resident training sites require that residents pay for parking.

2.  How much does it cost? Parking rates vary by site and permit type. Please refer to the parking information for the different training sites for a breakdown on parking fees.

3.  What if I have to travel to two training sites on the same day? Per the terms of the RPA and FPA, residents and fellows will be provided with pre-paid parking or will be reimbursed by their program for parking at any site at which they are required to attend conferences, education and administrative meetings, clinic, or provide call coverage when they are assigned to another location. Residents and fellows are however encouraged to use alternative transportation methods, including the free shuttles, whenever possible.

4.  What alternatives are there besides driving to work? Everyone is encouraged to take the bus, walk, or bike to work. The U-PASS saves money if you will be riding the bus frequently.

  • U-PASS: The U-PASS provides full fare coverage and unlimited rides on Metro, Community Transit, Kitsap Transit, Pierce Transit, Everett Transit, Sound Transit buses, Light Rail, and Sounder trains, King County Water Taxi and Seattle Streetcar. The cost is $132.00 per quarter or $22.00 per pay period. You can purchase a U-PASS at either UW Commuter Services office or online at A Husky Card/UW ID is required.
  • Biking to the UW Campus: Bike racks are located all over campus. There are close to 600 secure rental bicycle lockers on campus, though most have waiting lists. There is a $140.00 annual fee and an $85.00 refundable key deposit for bike locker use. Please visit the Bike Parking page​ for more information on how to apply for a bike locker.​

Register your bike by engraving your driver’s license number on it and contact UW Police to register it for free. Please be sure to use a U-Lock, as cables can be easily cut.

5.  Where can I buy a parking permit?

  • UW Commuter Services Office – Located at 3745 15th Ave NE, open Mon-Fri, 7:30 AM – 5 PM. You may park for free in the 15-minute visitor parking stalls at the north end of the W27 garage, directly behind the office.
  • HMC Parking and Commuter Services Office - Located in 8EH-70, across from the Center elevators, open 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.