The Institutional Resident/Fellow Advisory Committee (IRFAC) is a subcommittee of the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) and is responsible for the development of policies relevant to resident and fellow appointment and education, including stipends, fringe benefits, working conditions, supervision, leave, grievance and termination procedures, and the particulars of the annual Residency & Fellowship Position Appointment (RFPA), the agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of resident and fellow appointments to a UW GME training program.


The primary responsibility of the Committee is the annual review of the RFPA agreement to be in effect the following academic year. This includes revising and/or adding applicable benefits and policies, and ensuring the agreement includes applicable requirements as outlined in the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Institutional Requirements and Common Program Requirements. All recommended changes to the RFPA will be presented by the IRFAC Chair to the GMEC for review and consideration in October, though major changes to sections requiring time for analysis and review by the GMEC may be submitted beginning in July. The GMEC is ultimately responsible for approving or denying IRFAC’s recommended changes, and will submit its final recommendations to the Dean of the School of Medicine. Changes to the RFPA may only be recommended to the Dean by the GMEC. The agreement must be approved by the Dean and finalized by January 15th each year.
Additional responsibilities of the Committee may include the review and revision of current policies relevant to resident and fellow appointments, education, and the learning environment, and development of new proposed policies to the GMEC. If necessary, the committee may conduct additional review and/or revisions to policies if requested by GMEC.
All recommendations of the IRFAC and GMEC pertaining to the RFPA and GME policies approved by the Dean are binding upon the School of Medicine and Residents/Fellows. The Dean retains unilateral discretion to determine the implementation date of approved policies.


Minor proposed revisions to the RFPA may be recommended to GMEC by general consensus; however, proposed policy changes addressing the terms of the agreement require committee vote. All policy recommendations of the IRFAC must be by a majority vote of those present and those voting must reflect a broad representation of faculty, residents, and fellows. In the event that a proposed change does not pass the majority vote, but does have unanimous support from housestaff committee members present, the proposed change will go to GMEC for consideration.


The IRFAC is chaired by a faculty member who is appointed for a renewable term of two (2) years by the Designated Institutional Official (DIO), and is a standing member of the GMEC. Committee members include eight (8) faculty (to include program directors and program faculty) selected by the DIO, four (4) peer-selected residents, four (4) peer-selected fellows, the UW Housestaff Association president (or designee), two (2) peer-selected program
administrators, and the Director of GME. The committee is staffed by a non-voting member of the GME Office. Each voting member of the Committee has one vote and all votes are equal.


Meetings are held monthly; however, the committee may decide to meet less frequently later in the academic year if all relevant committee work has been addressed. Minutes are maintained for each meeting and the Chair (or a designee) will present a committee status report at each subsequent GMEC meeting.