Bases and Flight Maps

​​​​​​​​​Airlift Northwest responds from one of five bases — located strategically throughout the Pacific Northwest.

With helicopters based in Bellingham, Arlington, Seattle and Olympia, Airlift Northwest teams arrive within minutes to sites throughout Western Washington.

Fixed-wing aircraft based in Juneau and Seattle allow Airlift Northwest to provide timely air medical services throughout a much broader region, including any location in the continental United States and Canada.

Our flight maps provide more information about flight times from the regions we serve. (All flight maps are in PDF format.)

Airlift Northwests turbo commander is day based in Yakima 12 hours a day, seven days a week to serve patients of central Washington more quickly. Our base is located at Mccormick Air Center, 3210 W Washington Avenue,Yakima, WA 98903-1176.

Our Aviation partners, Air Methods Corporation and Aero Air provide the aviation services, pilots and mechanics to keep us all safe.

All aviation services, pilots and mechanics are provided by Air Methods Corporation and Aero Air.