UW Medicine Compliance

​​​​UW Medicine is a dynamic health-care system subject to many legal and regulatory requirements governing clinical, teaching and research activities. UW Medicine has established robust compliance programs for the practice plans, hospitals, clinics, and the School of Medicine that govern a wide variety of issues, including clinical billing, privacy and ethics.

UW Medicine Compliance programs are based on the following core elements:

  • Commitment and support from executive leaders
  • Institutional policies, standards and expectations
  • Education and outreach
  • Monitoring and auditing activities to determine the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Timely and appropriate responses to compliance issues
  • On-going assessment and response to emerging risks and regulatory developments
  • Mechanisms (including hotlines and helplines) that invite and enable the safe reporting of compliance concerns
  • Timely investigation of reported concerns and protection of complainant rights
  • Appropriate sanctions and corrective actions to address noncompliance when it occurs
  • Process improvement projects as needed to enhance compliance efforts
  • Regular evaluations of program effectiveness

The commitment to compliance is imbedded in the expectation that all members of UW Medicine will meet the professional, ethical and regulatory standards associated with their individual roles. Faculty, staff, residents and students are all expected to understand the rules governing their work, comply with UW Medicine policies and procedures, act in a professional and ethical manner, and contact appropriate institutional offices when questions or concerns about compliance arise.

UW Medicine’s commitment to compliance demonstrates a deep awareness of its accountability to the public and the people it serves.

If you have questions about UW Medicine Compliance, call 206.616.5248. For information about your privacy rights and responsibilities, please see the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Most other patient questions and concerns can be resolved by contacting one of the departments listed at ​ Important Patient Care Phone Numbers​.