2014 Annual Address

Paul G. Ramsey, 2014 Annual Address

Paul G. ​Ramsey, M.D., ​CEO of UW Medicine and dean of the Scho​ol of Medicine at the University of Washington, delivered​ his annual address to the UW Medicine community​

Paul Ramsey talked with members of the UW Medicine community about the transformation taking place in all aspects of healthcare today. UW Medicine has prepared for and kept pace with the critical shifts in healthcare and will continue to do so across its clinical, education and research divisions. Dr. Ramsey attributed UW Medicine’s success at keeping pace with healthcare’s rapid transformation to its ethic of continuous improvement in all activities, an ethic that characterizes the talented and committed UW Medicine community. He acknowledged and thanked the thousands of faculty, staff, students and trainees that make UW Medicine the extraordinary institution it is today.

Dr.​​ Ramsey discussed how UW Medicine’s institutional value of continuous improvement—sustained, progressive work over time—​​supports and guides the transformations in research, education and clinical settings. He cited numerous examples from the research, education and clinical care divisions of UW Medicine. To name just a few, in the clinical arena, the UW Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions (AIMS) Center delivers integrated care for medical and mental health needs, and the UW Palliative Care Center brings together multidisciplinary health professionals to improve palliative care. In the research arena, he cited advances in genomics, precision medicine and translational research—​scientific research that helps to make findings from basic science useful for practical healthcare applications. ​In the education arena, Dr. Ramsey discussed building and sustaining the best curricula for education and training programs while incorporating the latest technology,​ so as to both create the best learning environment and also meet regional workforce needs (such as MEDEX Tacoma and WWAMI). He also mentioned how important advancing diversity and inclusion are to UW Medicine’s ongoing success.

Dr. Ramsey then summarized UW Medicine’s strategic initiatives for 2014. In the clinical arena, UW Medicine has a triple aim: 1) Better individual healthcare 2) Improved population health and 3) Cost reduction. UW Medicine will continue to build infrastructure to support interdisciplinary healthcare teams within our own organization and also to collaborate with affiliated organizations. We will continue initiatives begun last year, with the opening and expansion of clinics, networks and affiliations and a renewed focus on “Patients Are First.” All of these steps support our transition to becoming an accountable care organization.

In the research arena, UW Medicine will continue its focus on technological advances that improve health such as the computer-designed proteins at the Institute for Protein Design that may provide new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. It will accelerate its translational research, which connects research to UW Medicine’s mission to improve the health of the public.

UW Medicine’s education agenda is driven by technology advances, healthcare practices and the ever-changing knowledge landscape. UW Medicine will move forward on building and implementing a new curriculum for medical students and supporting the continuous improvement of this curriculum. UW Medicine is also committed to supporting and further enhancing our outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs in important areas of research. And UW Medicine will advance regional priorities through the continued effort to develop graduate medical education opportunities throughout the WWAMI region as well as further enhancing the WWAMI medical student program and MEDEX physician assistant training program.​

Dr. Ramsey stated that it is through the community commitment to continuous improvement that transformational change has already occurred and will continue to take place in 2014​​. He again thanked the UW Medicine community, and predicted continued success thanks to its​ talent and commitment.

Summary of 2013 UW Medicine News and Accomplishments

The Presentation

You are invited to view Dr. Ramsey’s Presentation (PDF) and videos from his live presentation.​

Paul Ramsey's 2014 Annual Address

Precision Medicine

The Center for Precision Diagnostics identifies the individual genetic variations in people that make a difference in diagnosis and treatment.


Protein Design

The Institute for Protein Design creates proteins that can recognize and interact with small biological molecules, offering the potential for new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.


​The Targeted Rural and Underserved Track (TRUST) provides a connection between underserved communities, medical education, and health professionals in Washington, Montana and Idaho, with hopes to expand soon to Wyoming and Alaska.


HIV Prevention Research & Training

The University of Washington is involved in vital programs to train both scientists and physicians in Africa, many with a focus on HIV prevention research and training​.​